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Areas of Focus: Services

​Area of Focus

  • Burnout and compassion fatigue for caregivers (prevention & recovery)

  • 飲食失調,身體形象

  • 自尊,自我形象建立

  • Creative block

  • 焦慮與抑鬱

  • 壓力和憤怒管理

  • 婦女支援(增強能力,衰老,更年期,人際關係)

  • 適應障礙(大大小小的生活變化)

  • 失落及悲傷輔導



  • 停一停Pause. With time, space, and support discover clarity around what you want.

  • Be supported through challenging life situations and changes.

  • Explore new ways of accessing and understanding your emotions, your body, and your needs.

  • Discover and explore your strengths and capacity to initiate and create change in your life.

  • Explore and address your concerns through a combination of talk, art-making, and creative process.

  • Learn how to access creative process (and develop a creative practice) as a resource and ongoing support tool.

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